Album cover photography: Abbaphonic

It has been a while since my last post. These photos here were also taken a while ago. To be more specific, it was a job I did at the end of September for a design studio who was doing the design album cover for the last album of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
This album features Abba’s greatest hits with an orchestral twist. West End singers Ria Jones and Mary Carewe put their wonderful voices.
It was an important day for me and very exciting, since I am normally used to be involved in more intimate photoshoots, only me and the model/client normally(as I trained as a makeup artist before, I normally help also with that). But there was a lot of people involved in this, since apart from the two singers, me and Maria (who was my assistant for the day), people from the design studio and from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra marketing department were present during the shoot, and a makeup artist, of course.
Time went by really quickly and it was a pleasure to work with everyone, specially with the two singers, Ria and Mary, they were really nice and easy to work with.
I am waiting to receive some copies of the cd and enjoy it!
The two first photos are the original ones I took, the design of the cd has been done for the design studio which hired my services, Oink creative Ltd.

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