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London elopement photography

I couldn’t wait to share more photos of this beautiful elopement wedding in central London with you!

Emma and Steve came to London to tie the knot and I was lucky to be their photographer for the day. I feel very lucky when I get to be part of anyone’s wedding, but when it is an elopement like this one, is much more special, because I am one of the very few witnesses of the day and I am the bride and groom companion for most of the time.

Steve was wearing a kilt outfit, which was great! I had had the opportunity to photograph wedding guests in the past wearing a scottish outfit, but never a groom before.

I went to the hotel were Emma and Steve stayed the night before and after taking a few photos in there, we took a cab and headed to central London to get some photos with the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and other London highlights. After that, their wedding car was waiting for us and took us to Marylebone Town Hall, were they got married in the Yellow room. Two of their friends were there as their witnesses (they even brought confetti, so we could get some lovely confetti shots!)

After that, we went to Regent’s Park for some more photos (always a lovely place for photos) before going to Claridges, were they went for afternoon tea. Unfortunately, being such an intimate event, I was only allowed to take a few photos in the foyer, but I couldn’t take any more photos at Claridges and have to say goodbye there.

Emma and Steve, it was a pleasure to work with you, I wish you all the best for your future together!

a couple about to get married at their hotel in central london

couple eloping in London posing in front of the big ben

groom looking at big ben and bride holding his arm looking at the camera at london elopement photography

bride with sunglasses and groom walking on embankment bridge at london elopement photography

bride and scottish groom holding hands in a taxi on their way to their wedding

bride and scottish groom arriving at marylebone town hall

bride, scottish groom and two witnesses in marylebone town hall yellow room

scottish groom laughing during wedding ceremony an the yellow room at marylebone town hall

exchange of rings during wedding ceremony at marylebone town hall yellow room

bride and groom kissing in the yellow room at marylebone town hall

bride and groom looking happily at each other right after the wedding ceremony

bride and scottish groom receiving the marriage certificate at the yellow room at marylebone town hall

bride and scottish groom posing in marylebone town hall marble stairs

confetti being thrown at bride and groom at marylebone town hall

bride and scottish groom posing in front of marylebone town hall

groom kissing bride sitting next to a lion statue at marylebone town hall

bride and groom in front of their wedding car and at the gales of regent's park

bride and groom under a willow tree

bride and groom under a willow tree

bride and scottish groom sitting on a bench on a london park surrounded by flowers

bride and groom laughing during their portrait session at a london park

bride and groom posing in fron of claridges

bride and groom looking at each other at Claridges's foyer

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