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Pembroke Lodge Wedding

Wow! I cannot believe it has taken me this long to blog this wedding…I am so behind on my blogging! I have not only some weddings from last year to blog, but  from last summer! This wedding was on September, 5 months ago already.

The bride and groom  are Amaia and Auran, and they got married in the gorgeous Pembroke Lodge, in Richmond Park.

From the first moment I met them, I got a connection with them, specially with Amaia, who is from Spain (so do I) and book me as their photographer proved to be a good choice. There were groups of people speaking both english and spanish, so it was quite useful being able to communicate in both languages, specially for organizing the group shots.

violinists playing during arrival of guest at Pembroke Lodge wedding, Richmond

groom and guests before the ceremy at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond

groom welcoming guest with baby at his arrival at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond


bride arriving with father at Pembroke Lodge for wedding

nervous groom waiting in the ceremony groom for the bride with family in the background looking at him

groom waiting in Pembroke Lodge, Richmond for the bride's arrival in the Bellvedere room with family in the background

grooms family during wedding ceremony at belvedere room in Pembroke Lodge, Richmond

groom seeing bride for the first time whilst she walk up the aisle with her father at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond

black and white photo of bride and groom looking at each other during the ceremony whilst holding hands

detail photo of exchange of rings during the wedding ceremony in Pembroke Lodge, Richmond, bride with henna painting on hands

bride and groom kissing at Pembroke Lodge wedding

guest throwing confetti at bride and groom as they walk down the aisle at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond

bride and groom looking happy after wedding ceremony at Pembroke Lodge and guests throwing colorful conffetti at them

Amaia is from the basque country, a region in northern Spain with its own traditions and her friends prepare a surprise for her.

They learnt how to dance the traditional basque country dance for her. This was a really beautiful thing to see and such a surprise for her, it was very emotional.

basque country traditional dance performing during wedding at Pembroke Lodge

emotional bride during surprise dance at wedding

bride hugging friend at her wedding

bride kissing friend at wedding

Amaia’s hair was absolutely amaaazing!

bride hugging family after wedding ceremony and showing detail of hair

bride and wedding guest laughing during drinks reception

stylisg couple at Pembroke Lodge wedding, looking at each other and laughing

two stylisg girls posing and looking at the camera ta Pembroke's Lodge wedding inRichmond

groom talking with friend during drinks reception

detail of bellvedere room and centerpiece at Pembroke Lodge wedding

bride and groom kissing in front of Pembroke Lodge in Richmond

Amaia introduced an indian element by having her hands decorated with henna.

Her dress was absolutely stunning, from Rosa Clara

detail of bouquet and henna hands of bride photographed by London wedding photographer

bride and groom facing each other with foreheads together and natural vegetation frame at Richmond

bride and groom laughing

black and white photo of groom kissing bride on the cheek with closed ayes at London wedding

bride and groom kissing in black and white

bride and groom looking at each other with lavender in the foreground

bride and groom raising their glasses at the top table in the Bellvedere room in Pembroke Lodge, Richmond

wedding guests raising their glasses to make a toast at Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge building with lights on inside and signs in the foreground

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Indian wedding

After a few crazy weeks with a wedding pretty much every weekend, at last I have some free time to update my blog and share my experiences and of course, photos 🙂
Even though I photographed a wedding on May, I started my personal wedding season with this wedding, which was hold the 8th of July on a Hilton Hotel in London.
I was quite excited about it, since it was the first indian wedding for me (a muslim wedding to be more specific). The months before I tried to keep a good communication with the bride (Zobia) and asked her to give me as much information as she could in order to not miss anything important from the ceremony and she was very helpful.
Anyway, once I started working I felt completely relaxed as the atmosphere was great and people very nice and kind.
The first thing I did was to take some photographs of the hotel room before anyone arrived.

Hilton Paddington wedding
These are the flowers that the girls were wearing on their hair.
Hilton Paddington wedding
Detail of a table.
Hilton Paddington wedding
This is the place where bride and groom sat for the ceremony, isn’t it amazing?
After that, the bride was getting changed in a room in the same hotel and she wanted some photos while she was getting ready, followed by some formal portraits at the end, before going down to the ceremony room. I personally love when brides want me to go before the wedding to capture the moments when they are putting on her dresses, doing her hair, make up…I think it is lovely, and the photos I take on those moments they are always between my favorites of the day, maybe because there is so much emotion and excitement…
Hilton Paddington wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
Everyone helping the bride.
Hilton Paddington wedding
Zobia’s sister
Hilton Paddington wedding
Flower girl
Hilton Paddington wedding
Zobia ready by the window. What a beautiful bride!
Hilton Paddington wedding
Groom waiting
Hilton Paddington wedding
Zobia and her sister were holding hands during the ceremony.
Hilton Paddington wedding
One of the little guests of the wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
Bride and groom, now husband and wife, had a laptop with a webcam to communicate with family and friends in another countries. This is a moment where they were talking to them.
Hilton Paddington wedding
Zobia’s sister about to give her speech. Can you see the wedding cake at the back?
A very original one: individual cupcakes!I loved the idea and it looked so cute…
Hilton Paddington wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
Hilton Paddington wedding
This last photo is the moment when the bride and groom left together in the car. See that woman with trainers?Well, she didn’t go to the wedding on her trainers, she was just walking on the street and decided to join the family 🙂 
Another wedding blog post very soon!
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