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Wedding/Engagements/Family/Babies photography

I am back to my blog after a long time, as usual…this time determined to keep it up to date 🙂
After a year doing a bit of everything in photography, whatever I could get, finally, around two months ago, I decided where I want to put all my efforts and which field of photography I want to dedicate myself, and this is why I titled my post Wedding/Engagements/Family/Babies.
Specially weddings, which is my favourite because of its dynamism. My first wedding was covering another photographer that couldn’t do it on the day and it was something not planned at all, it was never my plan to be a wedding photographer, but I really enjoyed it last year! I am trying to get as many weddings as I can for this summer, I’ve got a couple of bookings already, I will be posting the results and my feelings and experiences, which hopefully will be good!
Well, after my decision on what to focus on photographywise, my first job was photographing a 3 weeks old baby (or should I say newborn?). His name is Kyran Benjamin and he is Yvonne’s son. Yvonne is a model I photographed around a year ago and she contacted me on December to ask me if I would take her some pregnancy photos. It was a surprise for me and I was really happy to photograph such a beautiful mum-to-be. That same day we arrange that when she gave birth I will take the photos of the newborn as well.
This is Yvonne pregnant:

The photoshoot with Kyran took quite a long time, since he wouldn’t sleep (very difficult to keep him in the same position since he wanted to move all the time) but finally I got some nice photos and it was worth it. I think he was glad when I left…

Yvonne holding Kyran in her arms:

And some of the final photos, when he was sleeping!!:

This last one, his dad was holding him (inside a hat) in his lap, I put the black background in post.
And for you to know the complete family, here goes one informal and final photo of the day:

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