Croydon wedding

two photos of bride and bride and groom with autumn leaves in the background

Stephanie & James Croydon wedding last autumn is another wedding that has taken me a long time to blog.

As it is clear from the images and the beautiful foliage, this wedding took place last autumn and I am blogging it now in June!

The ceremony took place in St. Gertrude’s catholic church in South Croydon and I have to say that the priest there was the best and more relaxed priest I have ever met as a photographer. He was quite into photography himself, so we had a chat about the lenses I was using on the day and whatnot. He was also very relaxed about me taking pictures during the ceremony, which is quite unusual.Of course I was still very respectful about the ceremony and tried to be as discreet as I could and I found a hiding space from which to take photos most of the time.

two pictures of St. Gertrude's catholic church in South Croydon

details photo of flowers at the entrance of the church prepared for a wedding

two wedding guests waiting outside the church before a wedding

priest waiting at the entrance of church for the arrival of the bride

bride arriving in vintage car at her wedding in Croydon

black and white photo of bride and father inside the car arriving at the church

bride walking up the aisle with father

bride and groom looking at each other in front of priest

bride and groom singing hymns during ceremony at Croydon wedding

wedding guests singing hymns during ceremony at Croydon wedding

wide angle photo from the back of the church of bride and groom and guests

bride and groom during ceremony at Croydon wedding

guest doing reading at catholic wedding ceremony at Croydon wedding

bride and groom photographed with priest in the foreground during wedding ceremony at Croydon wedding

bride and groom sitting down and listening to priest's speech

bride and groom holding hands during ceremony at Croydon wedding

black and white close-up photo of bride and groom exchanging rings

bride and groom walking down the aisle

bride and groom exiting church after their wedding ceremony

bride and groom posing outside church with arch of flowers in the entrance

The reception took place in the lovely and cozy The Bakery restaurant, in Tatsfield.

two photos of a wedding, one of the wedding venue building and the oother of the bride and groom kissing in front of their vintage wedding car

two autumnal images of bride and bride with groom posing underneath a tree with yellow leaves

photo of two wedding guests during drinks reception at the Bakery restaurant in Tatsfield

two photos during wedding speeches, the father of the bride giving the speech and the bride laughing

bride laughing during speeches at Croydon wedding

two photos of wedding guests having fun

bride and groom making a toast after speeches

bride looking at her wedding cake

bride and groom cutting the cake and a reflection of them in the mirror

the bakery restaurant illuminated at night


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