Fuji Pro 400 Film Bridal Shoot

Last Sunday was an exciting day for me. I organized a bridal shoot with Angela in a London park. Angela is already married but she fancied some beautiful photos on her dress in London.

We had a great time together and she was a pleasure to work with, but the main reason I was so excited, was because that day I was shooting film and not digital. These photos here were taken with a AE-1 Canon film camera with a roll of Fuji Pro 400.

I love how film looks, even if that sometimes means to have a less “clean” image or not so sharp. There is something charming about film.

detail of bride holding her roses bouquet photographed with fuji pro 400 film

bride alone with bouquet in a london park photographed with fuji pro 400 fim

two photos of a bride holding her bouquet looking at the camara and looking at her shoes

detail of bridal shoes on the grass with autumn leaves

bride in the park holding her dress and walking towards the camera smiling

bride photographed with yellow roses out of focus in the foreground

two portraits of a bride between yellow roses

bride with veil standing between yellow roses out of focus photographed with fuji pro 400

bride standing between the branches of a willow tree film photography

bride looking down between branches of willow tree

beautiful bride framed by willow branches in a london park during a film photoshoot photographed with fuji pro 400

I will be posting some of the black and white roll photos next week.

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