Good reasons to get married in winter

As a wedding photographer I have most of my work concentrated from April until October, with less inquiries for the rest of the months of the year. However, it is getting more and more common for couples to organise a winter wedding. And there are good reasons to get married in winter, you may want to consider them, just keep reading below this Christmas wedding photos…

newly-weds hugging each other in leadenhall market with christmas tree on the side


Weather itself can be one of the reasons. I know, it doesn’t make sense without giving it a little bit of though…when asking a couple of one of my winter weddings last year why they had chosen November, they told me that it was because when people get married in summer they expect the weather to be nice and they rely on it too much.

But let’s face it, sometimes it is not. Last year it was raining all summer. You couldn’t imagine how many umbrella shots I got!

You can still have a great day and beautiful wedding photographs with bad weather and rain, umbrellas are actually  a very nice prop for wedding photos. But somehow couples are a bit disappointed if the weather is not good in summer.  People who get married in winter on the other hand are not relying on weather for their wedding. They are likely to think the weather is going to be bad, so they are normally happy because it is not as bad as they thought it would be rather than disappointed.

Another good reason to get married in winter is that winter is very romantic! Snow, Christmas trees, candles…they all look wonderful and are so pretty… My only recommendation as a photographer is you are considering a winter wedding is to get mariied in the morning so there is still natural light for some time (specially for the group shots) for more natural results.

Wedding vendors have also more availability in winter, since summer is the high season, so you will get more chances to get the wedding vendor services you would like to have and some of them probably would also offer you a small discount.

No matter the month of the year or the weather, your wedding day will be a beautiful day!


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