Routemaster Bus Weddings

From January, I had the idea of doing a compilation of some sort to feature a few different weddings on the same post.

The initial idea was a compilation of all the weddings I shot last year, whith the best of 2012, but already on April, now it seems a bit late for that (I guess this is the kind of thing we do a the start of the year). I thought that instead, I will make a post with photos of all the weddings I shot with routemaster buses.

Routemaster buses are getting a really popular thing, or at least I photograph a good percentage of weddings that have one! Not because it is trendy, but because it is a really great idea, I would recommed to hire one of these buses to couples getting married.

guests, bride and groom posing inside and outside a routemaster bus wedding

wedding guests on a routemaster bus saying helo to people outside through the window on their way to the reception and bride and groom posing with their kids ona routemaster bus wedding

bride and groom and wedding guests having drinks inside and outside a routemaster bus

bride and groom posing inside and in front of a routemaster london bus after the wedding ceremony

Hiring one of these buses is a great solution for how your guests are going to travel from the ceremony to the reception, and not only that, but keeps everyone together, so people gets to chat and have a drink sometimes even before they arrive to the reception. And it is a beautiful background for pictures too (a great plus from my point of view). In one of the weddings you can see on these pictures, they had a number of guests coming from outside London and the bus didn’t just go from point A to B, but it gave the wedding guests a brief taster of the London highlights too.

You can see some of the weddings featured here:

Marie and Sam

Donna and Luke

Gina and James

Louise and Dan

Ben and Emily

Jennie and Alex

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