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The North Sea in Blakeney, Norfolk

I hardly ever post any personal pictures on my blog, just those that are part of my work, most of them weddings or engagement shoots.

I decided to post one of those photos that I take for myself this time, as I particularly like this image and not only it is one of my favorites, but it was taken with my film camera, which I am getting to use more lately. I also feel particularly proud of my images taken with my film camera.

Film amaze me every time with the beautiful colors and perfect contrast.

This photo was taken during a weekend trip to Norfolk, in Blakeney.


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Bridal Shoot on black and white film

After a week waiting for my black and white images from the lab, I finally got them and I can share some of them here.

These are from a session I had with Angela.  If you have visited my blog recently, I posted some of the color images taken with an AE-1 Canon film camera and a roll of Fuji Pro 400 last week. If you haven’t seen those images, you can do by clicking here.

The black and white images on this post were taken with a Praktica camera using a Kodak T-Max 400 roll.

black and white portrait of a bride during a bridal shoot in a london park

composition of two black and white images of a bride photographed on black and white film in a London park

composition of two images of a bride posing by a fence at a London park photographed on black and white film

portrait of bride wearing veil photographed from above on black and white film

bride wearing veil covering her face sitting on a bench photographed on black and white film

bride wearing veil covering face and sitting on a bench in a London park photographed from above on black and white film


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