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Engagement shoot with dog

                    Engagement shoot with dog at Battersea Park

Today I wanted to share just a few pictures from one of my last engagement shoots, an engagement shoot with dog.

I was very excited since the moment I received the request for this engagement photoshoot…everyone who knows me well know I am such a dog lover. I was very much looking forward to this photo session.

Instead of photographing the couple by themselves, their dog joined the photoshoot for most of the photos. A wonderful addition to the session, a great memory for them and…people are so much more relaxed when having dogs around! It makes camera-shy people feel much more at ease in front of the camera. If you have a dog, I totally recommend the dog joining for any photo sessions you are planning!

couple lying on grass in a London park during their engagement shoot

two photos of couple at Battersea park during their engagement session with dog

two photos of engaged couple holding hands walking their dog

detail photo of couple holding hands with their dog in the middle looking at the camera

black and white photo of couple holding their dog and kissing him

engaged couple holding their dog at London park during engagement session with dog

couple posing in front of Battersea bridge during sunset

engaged couple posing with Battersea bridge in the background during sunsetr

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London engagement photoshoot: Emily & Ben

I met Ben and Emily in Peckham Rye for their engagement photoshoot there. They chose the place, this was an special location for them as they used to live there and this photoshoot was a bit different for me. I normally know the locations I am shooting at,  I go to see them beforehand, but it was not possible in this case, as the location was too far away from me. This was not a problem though, it was great to see something with fresh eyes and I was surprised at how beautiful this park is. Right before starting the session the friendliest dog in the world came to us to say hello.

engaged couple playing with dog at peckam rye park
engaged couple kissing and laughing underneath wooden arches covered in flowers at peckanm rye park london engagement photoshoot
engaged couple playing and laughing on a london park
engaged couple kissing underneath a tree on a park in london engagement photoshoot
engaged couple sitting on a log underneth a huge tree in peckham rye park in london engagement photoshoot
man kissing his fiancee on her cheek at london park
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