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Southend-on-Sea wedding at Porters and Roslin Beach Hotel

I can’t believe it has taken me such a long time to blog one of my favorite weddings ever!

Louise and Dan got married in Southend-on-Sea on August last year and I was lucky to be chosen as their photographer. Their wedding was not only full of beautiful details , but also full of emotion, and this is an excellent combination to get good photos!

Their wedding has also been featured in lovemydress recently with many details given by Louise, so I am not going to go over all of them, but there is only one of them that I really want to share here as I think it is a fantastic story. And this is the way Dan and Louise got to know each other… Louise’s words:

In theory Dan and I should not even be together let alone married. Let me explain; to start with I never actually met Dan before our first date. He saw me dancing in our local bar one cold Sunday night in January 2009 and with Dutch Courage decided to put his number in my coat pocket, an act that I now know was totally out of character for Dan. Dan is actually very shy and retiring unlike me. As I was leaving the bar the number actually fell out of my pocket. A passer-by picked it up and handed it to my friend who passed it to me. As we got outside I opened it to reveal his number and a short message asking me to call him.In normal circumstances I would have binned the note and thought nothing else of it. However, I had made a New Year’s resolution to go out with everyone who asked me so the die was cast. I went and met him in the same bar a week later and we’ve never looked back!

Isn’t it amazing?

And back to the wedding day…I started at the Roslin Beach Hotel with Dan, who was already there taking care of all the details in the room while Louise was getting ready. Some guests were at the Hotel with him and a Routemaster bus was waiting for them outside to take them to Porters, the mayoral residence where the wedding ceremony and drinks reception took place.

routemaster bus outside seaside hotel southend-on-sea

groom and father of groom outside routemaster bus about to depart for ceremony

Dan and their guests gathered in the garden at Porters, where a marquee had been set up just in case the weather was not good, but luckily this was not an issue and they relaxed there for a little while before it was the time for the ceremony.

wedding guests arriving at porters civic house in southend-on-sea and marquee in the garden

groom looking at camera and best man out of focus in the background at southend-on-sea wedding

Louise arrived on a vintage car and looked stunning on her Candy Anthony 1950’s inspired dress. The dress was knee lenght, very appropiate for an August wedding and specially great for the photos after at the beach!

bride arriving in vintage car at wedding in porters civic house southend-on-sea

bride and maid of honor chatting and laughing and flowergirls in the background

maid of honor and flowergirls at porters civic house before the ceremony

bride hugging maid of honor before the ceremony at porters civic house

Louise bought her accesories before her dress because she felt in love with this bird cage veil from Victoria Millesime and was also wearing a matching bracelet. Her hair was perfect and the pin curls suit her and her dress really well.

detail of bride wearing a birdcage veil

bridesmaid in pink and pink bouquet detail

bride and groom during wedding ceremony at porters civic house in southend-on-sea

bride and groom laughing and clapping during wedding ceremony

bride and groom exchanging rings during wedding ceremony

bride showing her ring to her maid of honor after wedding ceremony

After the ceremony everyone got back to the garden again where there was some time there with drinks and canapes (and some photos too) before going to the Roslin Hotel. They had an ice cream tricycle with a vintage feel that suited very well the whole theme of their wedding. This tricycle and ice creams also made very good opportunities for photos!

bride and groom with funny faces looking at each other

wedding drinks reception after ceremony in the garden at porters civic house and detail of bride's thights and pink bouquet

bride on ice cream trycicle eating ice cream at drinks reception

detail of two ice creams at a wedding reception

bride and groom posing on a routemaster red london bus with a heart-shaped balloon

wedding guests throwing confetti at bride and groom

wedding guests throwing confetti at bride and groom

big group wedding photo outside porters civic house southend-on-sea

bride and groom drinking chanpagne inside limousine

bride and groom inside limouisine looking at the camera

And before going to the Roslin Hotel, it was time for a few photos at the beach (right in front of the hotel). Louise changed her shoes for a pair of silver wellies and it was  at this time of the day when the red netting underneath her lace dress came to life.

bride and groom sat outside a beach hut on the beach in southend-on-sea

bride wearing wellies and groom running on the beach at southend-on-se with beach huts in the background

bride and groom running on southend-on-sea beach with beach huts in the background

bride wearing silver wellies and groom kissing on the beach with beach huts in the background

colorful wedding cupcakes as centerpieces

vintage birdcages with china full of pearls inside as wedding decoration on top table

bride and groom rings inside shells at southend-on-sea wedding

bride and groom wearing red converse detail of feet on the steps of their wedding reception

black and white photos of bride with headpiece and bride and groom pointing and looking at the camera

bride and groom on top table looking at audience

bride and groom looking at each other and laughing during speeches

bride and groom making a toast with champagne after speeches at roslin beach hotel

wedding cake and sweets

guests having fun during wedding reception at roslin beach hotel

bride and groom first dance at roslin beach hotel wedding

roslin beach hotel in southend-on-sea at night

I usually say that I love central London and urban weddings but…who can resist  a seaside wedding?I absolutely loved this one, having the sea in front of your wedding venue is pretty amazing and I hope to work in Sounthend-on-Sea again in the future.








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