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Second shooting in Portsmouth

I love second shooting every now and then. Of course I love shooting my own weddings, being in charge of everything photographywise…editing and delivering the final product to my clients. But second shooting is fun and more relaxed than being the main tog, so it is a great opportunity to second shoot for someone else whenever I have a free date and they need an extra pair of hands.

These photos here were taken by me on May whilst second shooting at a wedding in Portsmouth.

portchester castle entrance in portsmouth with tree in the foreground

portchester castle inside the walls on a sunny day with blue skies

view to the sea from portchester castle in portsmouth

view of the sea with boats and blue skies fro inside portchester castle in portsmouth

I started the day at the impressive Portchester Castle in Portsmouth, where the groom and groomsmen were waiting for the arrival of guests at St. Mary’s Church. St. Mary’s Church is a church inside the castle grounds. The whole place was gorgeous, with the south walls leading to the sea, and they day couldn’t be more perfect, what a beautiful sky we had! I truly enjoyed taking photos of the surroundings.

I was there covering this part of the day while Kenny was covering the bride’s preparations.

groom and groomsmen walking around the church grounds in portchester castle in portsmouth, second shooting job by helena amor photography

groom and groomsmen laughing while walking towards the church in black and white photographed by Helena Amor at a second shooting job

a couple arriving at a wedding in portsmouth castle

three wedding guests chatting in a natural way photographed between a tree branches in a documentary style wedding picture

wedding guests entering the church in black and while

detail shot of best man helping groom with his laple flower in black and white

bride walking up the aisle with her father, flowergirls and bridesmaids in black and white in portchester castle in portsmouth

bride and groom exchanging rings during religious wedding ceremony

bride and groom exchanging rings during wedding ceremony at church with stained glass window in the background

two photos of bride and groom right after they are declared husband and wife, bride and groom kissing and bride and groom looking at each other smiling in black and white

father congratulating his daughter right after her wedding ceremony


flowergirl leading a group of people outside the church grounds after the ceremony in portsmouth castle

bride and groom followed by guests with church in the background

vintage wedding car and guests and church in the background

group photo of bride and bridesmaids with yellow flowers out of focus in the foreground

bride and bridesmaids posing for formal group photographs photographed between yellow flowers out of focus in the foreground

wedding guests in portchester castle in portsmouth in black and white

a group of wedding guests having drinks at a maritime wedding reception in portsmouth

a couple of wedding guests looking at the boats in the marina in Portsmouth

close up of kid drinking orange juice at wedding drinks reception

portrait of young and beautiful wedding guests and food during wedding drinks reception


I have been collaborating with Kenny for a while second shooting for him when he needs someone and I am free, and the other way around too.

As a matter of fact, yesterday was one of those days…Yesterday’s wedding was so much fun, including a surprise the bride prepared for the groom and made for some great photos. I will be posting some of those photos here (my second shooting experiences) in the near future, unfortunately a bit too early to share that now.

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A seaside wedding in Southend-on-Sea, a sneak peek

I photographed Louise and Dan wedding the 4th of August, so it has been already quite a few months and I still haven’t blogged it yet! It was an amazing seaside wedding, full of beautiful details and Louise really wanted to have her wedding featured in one of the  best wedding blogs in the UK, as wedding blogs had been a source of inspiration for her too. After the wedding submission was accepted, a few weeks after we got there, and that was just two days ago. Now she can inspire other brides too :)I am here today to present a couple of photos to you just in case you missed it, and I’ll be back in no time to do my own feature of the wedding and give credit to the vendors involved in creating such a beautiful day.For me, Louise and Dan wedding is the perfect example that confirms that you don’t have to spend lots of money to have an incredible, original, beautiful wedding full of details. Her dress was second hand and some of the decorations were bought in charities, and  their wedding was absolutely fantastic!I would advice to all the couples getting married on a budget to do what they did, with a little bit of imagination and shopping around, you can create truly beautiful things, and save your money for a beautiful venue, a good photographer, good food or things that you don’t want to compromise the quality on.

These photos were taken in front of reception venue, in one of the beach huts, what a beautiful location!


bride and groom sitting on a beach hut drinking champagne at a Southend-on-Sea wedding


bride and groom kissing on the beach at southend-on-sea, UK

Thanks Louise and Dan for giving me the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful day!


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