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Engagement photography in a colorful London spot

Let me introduce you to Laura and Danny, a very sweet and beautiful couple. They are getting married in a few months and I will be there with them on their big day too. I cannot wait!

We had their engagement photography session three weeks ago in one of my favorite spots in London: Neil’s Yard. I have known Neil’s Yard for a few years, and I still don’t know why I hadn’t had an engagement photography session until this day there, what a charming and photogenic place!

The day was perfect, sunny but not too much and we were there soon enough to avoid too many tourists (as it is very close to Covent Garden) and the alley and courtyard is quite small.

All business in the courtyard are really nice and each of them make their color contribution to the beautiful color mayhem.

engaged couple outside neil's yard alley looking at each other and kissing during engagement photography session

engaged couple looking at each other and kissing in neil's yard with colorful buildings in the background during engagement photography session

man carrying his fiancee on his back during engagement photography session at colorful london spot

engaged couple posing at a beautiful colorful spot in central London

engaged couple kissing in front of beautiful neil's yard colorful business

After being shooting in Neil’s yard, we walked down to the river and we took the chance to take a few photos in front of the Savoy Hotel, which was a very special place for them, and as it happens it is a special place for me too.

beautiful engaged couple posing in front of the Savoy hotel in London where they got engaged


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