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Wedding group photos

wedding group photo at the Renaissance Hotel Kings Cross

I think it was about time to write a blog post about wedding group photos, also known as “formals”.

I don’t tend to put these photos on my website, not even often on my blog, and I don’t even show them much in private viewings with clients either. I show my formal wedding group photos too little I think. I guess that I think everyone knows how these pictures looks like, or that they can get a bit boring and samey sometimes…I don’t know, I don’t think that many people have been ever wowed by a wedding group photo, or at least it is something that doesn’t happen often.


These probably won’t be the photos that will put a smile on your face remembering the moment (as opposed to candid photos) but I absolutely agree that some need to be taken. Wedding group photos are the ones that tend to end up in the mantelpieces the most, so they are a must for nearly all of my clients. But I will tell you a secret… I don’t know a photographer yet that loves to takes these pictures.

Being completely honest, it is not my favorite part of the day. I believe that part of the problem is that is the moment when I have to became the “bossy” photographer I am not. Organising big groups of people and get to take these photos in the shortest amount of time is not an easy task.

My priority is to take these photos quickly so the guests and bride and groom can go and enjoy a little bit of the drinks reception too, instead of being posing for endless photos for most of the time.

To get this, I advise my clients to keep the list short (8-10 group photos is a reasonable number and I would say my average) and luckily I normally get the help from the best man or the bridesmaids, who can help to gather people.

So…these are some of my wedding group photos, which have been hidden for quite a while, it was about time to show some of them!



formal wedding photo taking at Chelsea Town hall

two wedding group photos


two wedding group photos

two wedding group photos of bride and her bridesmaids

Not all the group photos have to be the same or boring, I actually tend to take some a bit fun or different if I see the group is in the mood.

bride and groom with wedding party showing their colorful socks

bride and groom and wedding party jumping

fun wedding group photos in front of the Big Ben

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The North Sea in Blakeney, Norfolk

I hardly ever post any personal pictures on my blog, just those that are part of my work, most of them weddings or engagement shoots.

I decided to post one of those photos that I take for myself this time, as I particularly like this image and not only it is one of my favorites, but it was taken with my film camera, which I am getting to use more lately. I also feel particularly proud of my images taken with my film camera.

Film amaze me every time with the beautiful colors and perfect contrast.

This photo was taken during a weekend trip to Norfolk, in Blakeney.


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Good reasons to get married in winter

As a wedding photographer I have most of my work concentrated from April until October, with less inquiries for the rest of the months of the year. However, it is getting more and more common for couples to organise a winter wedding. And there are good reasons to get married in winter, you may want to consider them, just keep reading below this Christmas wedding photos…

newly-weds hugging each other in leadenhall market with christmas tree on the side


Weather itself can be one of the reasons. I know, it doesn’t make sense without giving it a little bit of though…when asking a couple of one of my winter weddings last year why they had chosen November, they told me that it was because when people get married in summer they expect the weather to be nice and they rely on it too much.

But let’s face it, sometimes it is not. Last year it was raining all summer. You couldn’t imagine how many umbrella shots I got!

You can still have a great day and beautiful wedding photographs with bad weather and rain, umbrellas are actually  a very nice prop for wedding photos. But somehow couples are a bit disappointed if the weather is not good in summer.  People who get married in winter on the other hand are not relying on weather for their wedding. They are likely to think the weather is going to be bad, so they are normally happy because it is not as bad as they thought it would be rather than disappointed.

Another good reason to get married in winter is that winter is very romantic! Snow, Christmas trees, candles…they all look wonderful and are so pretty… My only recommendation as a photographer is you are considering a winter wedding is to get mariied in the morning so there is still natural light for some time (specially for the group shots) for more natural results.

Wedding vendors have also more availability in winter, since summer is the high season, so you will get more chances to get the wedding vendor services you would like to have and some of them probably would also offer you a small discount.

No matter the month of the year or the weather, your wedding day will be a beautiful day!


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Second shooting in Portsmouth

I love second shooting every now and then. Of course I love shooting my own weddings, being in charge of everything photographywise…editing and delivering the final product to my clients. But second shooting is fun and more relaxed than being the main tog, so it is a great opportunity to second shoot for someone else whenever I have a free date and they need an extra pair of hands.

These photos here were taken by me on May whilst second shooting at a wedding in Portsmouth.

portchester castle entrance in portsmouth with tree in the foreground

portchester castle inside the walls on a sunny day with blue skies

view to the sea from portchester castle in portsmouth

view of the sea with boats and blue skies fro inside portchester castle in portsmouth

I started the day at the impressive Portchester Castle in Portsmouth, where the groom and groomsmen were waiting for the arrival of guests at St. Mary’s Church. St. Mary’s Church is a church inside the castle grounds. The whole place was gorgeous, with the south walls leading to the sea, and they day couldn’t be more perfect, what a beautiful sky we had! I truly enjoyed taking photos of the surroundings.

I was there covering this part of the day while Kenny was covering the bride’s preparations.

groom and groomsmen walking around the church grounds in portchester castle in portsmouth, second shooting job by helena amor photography

groom and groomsmen laughing while walking towards the church in black and white photographed by Helena Amor at a second shooting job

a couple arriving at a wedding in portsmouth castle

three wedding guests chatting in a natural way photographed between a tree branches in a documentary style wedding picture

wedding guests entering the church in black and while

detail shot of best man helping groom with his laple flower in black and white

bride walking up the aisle with her father, flowergirls and bridesmaids in black and white in portchester castle in portsmouth

bride and groom exchanging rings during religious wedding ceremony

bride and groom exchanging rings during wedding ceremony at church with stained glass window in the background

two photos of bride and groom right after they are declared husband and wife, bride and groom kissing and bride and groom looking at each other smiling in black and white

father congratulating his daughter right after her wedding ceremony


flowergirl leading a group of people outside the church grounds after the ceremony in portsmouth castle

bride and groom followed by guests with church in the background

vintage wedding car and guests and church in the background

group photo of bride and bridesmaids with yellow flowers out of focus in the foreground

bride and bridesmaids posing for formal group photographs photographed between yellow flowers out of focus in the foreground

wedding guests in portchester castle in portsmouth in black and white

a group of wedding guests having drinks at a maritime wedding reception in portsmouth

a couple of wedding guests looking at the boats in the marina in Portsmouth

close up of kid drinking orange juice at wedding drinks reception

portrait of young and beautiful wedding guests and food during wedding drinks reception


I have been collaborating with Kenny for a while second shooting for him when he needs someone and I am free, and the other way around too.

As a matter of fact, yesterday was one of those days…Yesterday’s wedding was so much fun, including a surprise the bride prepared for the groom and made for some great photos. I will be posting some of those photos here (my second shooting experiences) in the near future, unfortunately a bit too early to share that now.

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London elopement photography

I couldn’t wait to share more photos of this beautiful elopement wedding in central London with you!

Emma and Steve came to London to tie the knot and I was lucky to be their photographer for the day. I feel very lucky when I get to be part of anyone’s wedding, but when it is an elopement like this one, is much more special, because I am one of the very few witnesses of the day and I am the bride and groom companion for most of the time.

Steve was wearing a kilt outfit, which was great! I had had the opportunity to photograph wedding guests in the past wearing a scottish outfit, but never a groom before.

I went to the hotel were Emma and Steve stayed the night before and after taking a few photos in there, we took a cab and headed to central London to get some photos with the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and other London highlights. After that, their wedding car was waiting for us and took us to Marylebone Town Hall, were they got married in the Yellow room. Two of their friends were there as their witnesses (they even brought confetti, so we could get some lovely confetti shots!)

After that, we went to Regent’s Park for some more photos (always a lovely place for photos) before going to Claridges, were they went for afternoon tea. Unfortunately, being such an intimate event, I was only allowed to take a few photos in the foyer, but I couldn’t take any more photos at Claridges and have to say goodbye there.

Emma and Steve, it was a pleasure to work with you, I wish you all the best for your future together!

a couple about to get married at their hotel in central london

couple eloping in London posing in front of the big ben

groom looking at big ben and bride holding his arm looking at the camera at london elopement photography

bride with sunglasses and groom walking on embankment bridge at london elopement photography

bride and scottish groom holding hands in a taxi on their way to their wedding

bride and scottish groom arriving at marylebone town hall

bride, scottish groom and two witnesses in marylebone town hall yellow room

scottish groom laughing during wedding ceremony an the yellow room at marylebone town hall

exchange of rings during wedding ceremony at marylebone town hall yellow room

bride and groom kissing in the yellow room at marylebone town hall

bride and groom looking happily at each other right after the wedding ceremony

bride and scottish groom receiving the marriage certificate at the yellow room at marylebone town hall

bride and scottish groom posing in marylebone town hall marble stairs

confetti being thrown at bride and groom at marylebone town hall

bride and scottish groom posing in front of marylebone town hall

groom kissing bride sitting next to a lion statue at marylebone town hall

bride and groom in front of their wedding car and at the gales of regent's park

bride and groom under a willow tree

bride and groom under a willow tree

bride and scottish groom sitting on a bench on a london park surrounded by flowers

bride and groom laughing during their portrait session at a london park

bride and groom posing in fron of claridges

bride and groom looking at each other at Claridges's foyer

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Professional wedding photographer vs friend

This is a post a little different from what I normally do. Most of the time I post photos from my engagement shoots or weddings so people looking at my website can have a deeper insight into my work. Today I will post no photos, today’s subject is: professional wedding photographer vs friend. These are my thoughts about what I think about this and the dangers of couples getting married having a friend taking their photos instead of a professional photographer.

I also understand that if you are reading this by chance, you may think that I am writing this just to get me or other colleagues photographers more work. However, what it pushed me to write this post is a meeting I had yesterday. I had an email three or four weeks ago from a girl who got married last year and because she got married abroad she was not organizing the wedding herself. Someone organized for a couple of friends to be in charge of taking the photos of the day. She told me by email and on the phone that she hated her wedding photos so much…and wanted a photoshoot here in London with her husband dressed the same as on their wedding day to get some beautiful photos.

Unfortunately, we will have to leave this photoshoot for another time, but for now, what she couldn’t wait for, was to have some of her wedding photos fixed, so I am in charge now of “fixing” some of her wedding photos, even though I don’t often do retouching services for clients who have not booked my complete photographic services.

Her wedding venues were gorgeous, but the light used was not the best to say the least, on-camera flash used in most of the photos, which gives a lot of harsh shadows. I am just brightening the photos up, contrast and  tone correction and simple things like that. Unfortunately there is not a magic bottom to change the light, and those shadows will stay. Basically, retouching will make the photos less bad and not so painful to look at, but no retouching turns a bad photo into a good one, this is why I say “fix”. Notice the quotations.

This is the first experience of someone coming to me distressed about their wedding photos and asking for help. A friend of mine didn’t have such an horrific experience, but got married abroad in an intimate ceremony years ago and they didn’t think about having a photographer, now that she sees lots of wedding photos because of me, she regrets not having them.

Wedding photography is hard, you are outside, then two seconds later you are in a dark church, you need to adjust your camera settings very quickly! I would even say that for a professional photographer who does other type of work can be quite difficult and challenging.

There is this widespread idea of good cameras taking good photos. I can say that from the photos showed to me by this bride, one of the cameras was a Canon 1D, not bad… however, it is not just the camera but the skills of the photographer and at a wedding being quick is very important too. Would an unexperienced amateur photographer be able to deliver wedding photos as a professional? Well, that’s quite unrealistic. If you are having an outdoors wedding with gorgeous light all day long you may get lucky and the difference can be not as painful, but otherwise…if your wedding photos are important for you, you should go for a professional.

Shooting a wedding is hard work on the day and it takes a long time to finish the work (editing), it is unlikely that a friend is going to do a week’s worth work too. I can work on my photos as much as I need to as I am being paid for that, but would I spent many hours editing hundreds of images if Iweren’t? probably I wouldn’t do as much as I wouldn´t have the time.

It is also clear that a person who does something often has more experience and resources that someone who doesn´t and obviously that shows.

I think it is important to be realistic, most of the times you get what you paid for. Consider how important are your wedding photos for you and make your decision accordingly. Should you take the risk or not? I wouldn’t do it obviously, I am a photographer and images are very important to me, capturing something so important beautifully would be a must. But not everyone has the same perception about photography, so if you are not bothered too much about photos and it is not important at all, then you may risk it and go for a friend… What I try in this post is opening the eyes of people who expect and would like to have beautiful photos that they are important to them but trust in a friend instead of a professional wedding photographer thinking  only in finances as if that fact didn’t matter at all. The reality is that someone who doesn’t make a living of photography won’t have the equipment of a photographer or the skills or the expertise in 99.99% of the cases.

I really felt sorry for this girl and how unhappy she was! and remember when something is done for free (and friends) you don’t really have any right to complaint, have you?

I hope all this makes sense and it is not seen just as something that obviously a photographer has to say, I have tried to give an opinion from my heart and I hope is valuable for someone out there.

Thanks for reading!


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And the winner is…

And the winner is…Hannah and James London City Wedding!

As I posted on this blog a few weeks ago, Hannah and James wedding was shortlisted by Your London Wedding Magazine to compete with other weddings for the “Wedding of the Year 2013” prize. They were on the first round with three other couples, and when I received the magazine yesterday I had the wonderful surprise of seeing them as the winners on a full page of the magazine.

This means that we will be competing on the final round with three other semi-finalists and I am so looking forward to it! So exciting!

This is the scanned magazine ‘s page, I love to see my weddings on magazine paper 🙂

wedding of the year competition london, semi-finalists

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Engagement photography slideshow

A couple of weeks ago I created my first video (slideshow) on Youtube with some of my wedding pictures.

Today I’ve done the same thing with a selection of my engagement sessions. I am posting both videos as for me  it is really cool to see them both, engagements followed by weddings, as some of the couples on these engagement photos are later on the wedding video as husband and wife.

I haven’t been very original with the music on the videos I am afraid. It is the same song in both videos, but I fell in love with it from the very first moment I heard “The Lotus Flower” by Isisip and I hope you like it as much as I do.


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Wedding Albums

I’ve been working in a couple of wedding albums these past days and I thought it would be nice to post some photos and information here on the blog. Apart from this wedding album, I very often design the Premium range of Blurb photobooks, which are popular between my clients. This album featured here today is something different though, with a much more solid feel.

I consider that having your wedding photos in a photobook or album is a must, either if it is a contemporary photobook or a wedding album with a more traditional and solid feel. I strongly believe that photos are meant to be printed and if you like your wedding photos on your screen, you will absolutely adore to hold them in your hands. The feeling is so much better looking at them in a wedding album!

I strongly recommend to everyone getting married or married recently to get their photos printed at some point.

white leatherette wedding album with aperture at the front

This is a traditional but at the same time fresh and timeless bonded leather wedding album that I particularly like on white, but it is also available on black. It has an aperture at the front to hold a picture. Detail photos normally work very well for this aperture.

two photos of details of the inside of a wedding album

The inside cover fabric has a beautiful small flowers pattern. The album lays flat and has proper photographic prints on each page (the photo is not printed directly into the album)

two details shots of a white wedding album

white wedding album opened up


I include this album with my all inclusive wedding coverage. It is 8″x8″ and has 15 pages (30 spreads)

More sizes and number of pages and even covers are also available for whoever wants to upgrade.





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Fennes Wedding

The last week of April I was documenting Claire and Richard´s wedding at the beautiful Fennes Manor House in Bocking, Essex.

Both ceremony and reception were held there, and I love when that happens, as I find these weddings more stress-free both for photographers and guests; everyone can relax and enjoy the whole day since the moment they arrive.

Fennes was a perfect location with beautiful grounds including a pond and a beautiful small bridge, and also charming rooms inside the house in a Georgian style.

facade and grounds of fennes state wedding venue in Bocking, Essex

bridal dress hung from bed in master room at fennes state wedding venue and detail of orchids

detail of headpiece between two lamps and bridal shoes with reflection at Fennes State wedding in Essex

bridal ring with blue precious stone and diamonds with reflection

bride and bridesmaid helping her with her dress walking down the stairs at fennes state wedding venue right before the wedding ceremony

Claire was looking stunning with her beautiful dress complemented by a headpiece which I loved and a feathered bridal shawl.

beautiful bride with orchid bouquet in a georgian room at fennes state wedding venue

The ceremony was really emotional and both Claire and Richard looked sooo happy!

emotional bride walking up the aisle with father and looking at the groom at fennes

floral detail and bridesmaid holding bride's bouquet during the ceremony and listening carefully to speeches during ceremony

bride laughing during her speech at her wedding ceremony at fennes wedding venue

bride laughing during ring exchange at wedding ceremony at fennes state in essex

bride and groom kissing at the end of wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down the aisle after ceremony at fennes

Claire had a cascading bridal bouquet made with orchids, isn’t it gorgeous?

portrait of bride at fennes atate and detail of orchid bouquet

The grounds of the venue were perfect for couple photos

bride and groom leaning on a blooming tree at fennes state with grounds and bridge in the background

bride and groom looking at each other at fennes state bridge

And the bridge was great too, not only for their portraits, but to do some informal group photos. The one below is one of my favorites of the day with Claire and two of her friends (I loved the blue suit and pink ties!)

bride being kissed by two of her best friends at fennes state bridge

And right before the first dance we all went outside to enjoy a brief fireworks show

bride and groom kissing during fireworks show at their wedding

bride and groom holding hands and looking at fireworks show at their wedding in fennes state wedding venue

bride and groom during first dance with guests looking at them in the background

close up of bride and groom during first dance

Claire and Richard, I wish you all the best for the future together!

Getting married at Fennes? Contact me here for your wedding photography

Thanks Pauline Walzak for being my second shooter on the day, your help and good company 🙂

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