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youga photography: silhouette of a yoga pose

I took this photo quite a while ago, exactly the 5th of August, but I thought of sharing it in my blog now, that I am keeping it up to date.
It is actually my most successful Flickr’s photo until now, not being dropped from explore at any time. Just a curiosity, being something simple as a silhouette…I guess it is the strength that Anna transmits with her pose.
This is from a session that I had with Anna Andersson. She is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher and we met in the studio for some headshots for her new website. She wanted some full body photos as well, and apart from some quite conventional ones, I started playing a bit with creating silhouettes like this one, which Anna liked a lot.
The original background was not yellow but I played around a bit with colors and layers in post processing to make it more eye-catching, interesting and warm.
Anna is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher and uses both to help people. You can visit her website to know more about her here

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