Wedding group photos

wedding group photo at the Renaissance Hotel Kings Cross

I think it was about time to write a blog post about wedding group photos, also known as “formals”.

I don’t tend to put these photos on my website, not even often on my blog, and I don’t even show them much in private viewings with clients either. I show my formal wedding group photos too little I think. I guess that I think everyone knows how these pictures looks like, or that they can get a bit boring and samey sometimes…I don’t know, I don’t think that many people have been ever wowed by a wedding group photo, or at least it is something that doesn’t happen often.


These probably won’t be the photos that will put a smile on your face remembering the moment (as opposed to candid photos) but I absolutely agree that some need to be taken. Wedding group photos are the ones that tend to end up in the mantelpieces the most, so they are a must for nearly all of my clients. But I will tell you a secret… I don’t know a photographer yet that loves to takes these pictures.

Being completely honest, it is not my favorite part of the day. I believe that part of the problem is that is the moment when I have to became the “bossy” photographer I am not. Organising big groups of people and get to take these photos in the shortest amount of time is not an easy task.

My priority is to take these photos quickly so the guests and bride and groom can go and enjoy a little bit of the drinks reception too, instead of being posing for endless photos for most of the time.

To get this, I advise my clients to keep the list short (8-10 group photos is a reasonable number and I would say my average) and luckily I normally get the help from the best man or the bridesmaids, who can help to gather people.

So…these are some of my wedding group photos, which have been hidden for quite a while, it was about time to show some of them!



formal wedding photo taking at Chelsea Town hall

two wedding group photos


two wedding group photos

two wedding group photos of bride and her bridesmaids

Not all the group photos have to be the same or boring, I actually tend to take some a bit fun or different if I see the group is in the mood.

bride and groom with wedding party showing their colorful socks

bride and groom and wedding party jumping

fun wedding group photos in front of the Big Ben

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